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Product Details:
The Midfielder 10 row Aluminum Bleachers are built to last. This IBC Compliant bleacher system is industrial grade, constructed of high quality anodized aluminum structures and complimented by a chain link fence and guardrail. The10 row aluminum bleacher unit includes a 48" center aisle with guard rail, or a 36" side aisle in the case of the 15' version, and double foot planking so navigating is safe and easy for up to 184 fans, depending on the length. Anodized aluminum, galvanized chain link, and top quality welded joints make this structure durable and versatile, great for indoor or outdoor use. Please note, these structures are intended for use on hard, flat grounds.

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS IN CALIFORNIA: DSA approval is required within your state. Please add shop drawings to your order for clear articulation. It is the responsibility of the owner to submit shop drawings to a CA engineer to be signed, sealed and submitted to the DSA for approval. If you have any questions about this process, or whether this applies to you, please call us. Please see the dimension chart below for details about height and the space requirements.


SKU: NR1109

10 Row Bleachers

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