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The X1™ Vertical Bike Rack is one of the best vertical bike racks on market. The cost effective, durable, commercial grade vertical bicycle rack can fit in just about any space, making it a great choice for architect bike parking projects. The unit can be mounted into a wood stud, CMU or concrete wall, or it can be installed on 3 channels of Unistrut to add additional safety and stability for your project. The unit meets all APBP and city ordinance guidelines for safety and security. Nothing says you care like bicycle parking. Nothing says you mean it like bicycle parking with style! Check out this bike rack and others available in our online store. We also offer other functional, artistic, and custom designs. So, if you have an idea or are need of assistance, let us know! We have planners standing by.  There is no one that does bicycle parking better than us! #bikeparking #verticalbikerack #innovativebikerack #lionoutdoor

X1™ Vertical Bike Rack

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