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The XR2™ Bike Rack is one of the country’s best campus bike racks on the market. The highly efficient bike rack design allows planners to manage their space and protect bicycles on university campuses, schools, retail locations, or any other area where active bicycle or pedestrian traffic may exist. This unique design securely holds two bicycles in an upright position, while allowing user to secure both their tire and frame to the rack. The theft resistant metal square tubing features two thick locking loops that provide three critical U-lock points – the frame, front wheel and the bike rack itself. At the bottom, a rectangular trough holds the front wheel firmly in place. Because the wheel troughs are set at different heights, handlebars won’t interfere with each other. The XR2™ bicycle rack does just what it says – keeps bicycles upright and straight, preventing them from tipping or coming in contact with other bicycles for better site organization.

XR2™ Bike Rack

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