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What could be more fun for a dog than a Fire Hydrant to play with in a safe space away from any traffic or roads? These dog fire hydrants are built to last with heavy-duty metal materials combined with a thermoplastic coating that is resistant to urine and vandalism.

Here are some key features that make your doggie fire hydrant a reliable and long-lasting addition to any dog park:

- Tubing is made tough with 11 gauge steel that is 6” in diameter for the center piece and 4” diameter for the valves.
- Tough thermoplastic finish resists urine and protects against wear from UV rays.
- Smooth coating is easy to clean and retains its appearance for many years.
- Surface mounted.
- Colors are available in vibrant red or green.
- Quality made in the USA.

The Fire Hydrant will be a fantastic place for dogs to socialize and hang out.

Fire Hydrant Pee Station

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