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The K21™ Bike Rack is the most effective, commercial, ultra-high density and space-saving vertical wall-mounted bike racks on the market. This vertical bike rack was built for bike rooms and other ultra-high density parking environments. The K21™vertical wall mounted bike racks are one of the country’s best. The unit is perfect for apartment or garage bicycle parking projects requiring city ordinance approval. This sturdy steel wall-mounted bike rack can firmly hold two bikes up off the ground in a controlled vertical footprint and it only has a separation footprint of 9” in width. This rack includes a solid 5/8” steel locking bar designed for two bikes to allow for both tire and frame locking. Also included is an attractive imprint of a bicycle symbol that lets cyclists know this is a safe place to hang their bicycles and keep passageways clear.

K21™ Vertical Bike Rack

Color: Black
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